Research Content


MRI 4D-phase contrast法およびCFD(computational fluid dynamics)を用いた脳動脈瘤の血流評価
MRI neuromelanin imagingを用いた統合失調症の病態評価
MRI quantitative susceptibility mapping(QSM)を用いた脳内鉄分布の評価
Advanced MRIを用いた脳腫瘍の病態評価
Functional MRIを用いた脳機能の解明

Chest Group

Radiologic pathologic correlation by using CT images
Computer aided diagnosis (CAD)
Fundamental and clinical evaluation of ultra-low dose CT
Pulmonary and mediastinal 4-dimensional CT
Dual energy CT of pulmonary and mediastinal disease

Morphological and functional evaluation of heart valve on MRI
Diagnosis of congenital heart disease on MRI
Evaluation of cardiac function on multi-slice CT
ECG-gated coronary artery imaging

Abdominal Imaging & Interventional Radiology Group

Our group consists of sections for abdominal imaging and interventional radiology.

In the abdominal imaging section, various researches are conducted on the roles of CT and MRI in evaluating various kinds of diseases of abdominopelvic organs, such as liver, biliary system, pancreas, stomach, colon, kidney, adrenal, uterus, and ovary.

In the interventional radiology section, clinical researches are conducted on the efficacy of various image-guided treatments including chemoembolization of liver tumors, cryoablation of renal tumors, uterine fibroid embolization, embolization of visceral aneurysms and vascular malformations. Basic researches are mainly conducted on vascular embolic materials.

List of our past publications can be accessed from HERE.